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The best way to keep crab grass under control is to apply a crab grass preventer between the first and third mowings in the spring.
Make notes in the fall about where your crab grass seems to thrive.
Once crab grass shows up in your lawn, you have three options:
The grass will grow faster than the underlying crab grass seeds and may become lush enough to shade and prevent them from sprouting next spring.
Let the crab grass go until the following spring and then use a preventer at the right time.
Even though he was pleased with the yield, Wayne was concerned about the crab grass that was coming up with the corn.
Once the corn was harvested, Wayne turned the cows onto the experimental plot, hoping they would clean up the crab grass.
Once the crab grass was grazed and the corn stalks plowed, Wayne planted the experimental plot with a unique mixture of grasses and legumes that he spent hours researching.
One example is a post-emergence crab grass spray, which will kill some other annual weedy grasses as well.
In her northwest Washington neighborhood where neglected children in hand-me-downs are growing up as wild as crab grass, Renee is learning how to play a dangerous game of survival -- a game that one day prompted her to reach for a knife instead of a Barbie doll.
Tests prove that crab grass prospers in low grass, because more sun reaches the soil to germinate crab-grass seeds.
She may have flower beds surrounding the gazebo she installed last year, or maybe she is a lawn care "newbie" who has finally mastered the crab grass or learned how to tune-up her first lawn mower.
True, you have your occasional rose among the blooming idiots and crab grass, but rarely do you have the likes of Lily Allen.