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any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms

small sour apple

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Crab apples are traditionally used to make jelly (great eaten on scones or as an accompaniment to game, oily fish like mackerel or cheese), but they're also ideal for turning into cider, pickling, roasting and because of their high pectin content for use in thickening jams and other preserves.
Our first impulse is often to smell a flower ASK CAROL QI''''VE seen some wonderful crab apples - but we don''''t have much space in our garden.
But then crab apples and rowan berries are two of the more plentiful foraged foods - for those who can muster the energy to bypass the supermarket and gather their own from nature's free autumnal bounty.
Stunned vets opened up his tummy to find six golf ball-sized rocks, five large twigs and whole crab apples.
The food collected depends on the season, but trips to the woodland are most likely to produce crab apples, mushrooms, or chicken of the woods, while those visiting the sea shore could come across sea spinach and samphire, and those guests heading for the hedgerows can look forward to elder flowers, nettles and blackberries.
As far as ornamental trees are concerned, you really should consider the flowering peaches, plums, almonds and crab apples.
I loved pickled apples, but had no access to the regular-sized crab apples, so I used the tiny ornamental crabs.
I've been concerned for the last couple of years about some ornamental crab apples 'Golden Hornet'.
But there was nothing up there in the branches but crab apples and leaves.
Among the flowering crab apples, the choice is extremely broad and exciting.
Most of the new trees planted were oak and birch, with some crab apples and hawthorns to add a splash of colour.
Hazel, crab apples, blackthorn and elder are just some of the trees which have been planted in the grounds of the Hall.
THESE deciduous trees are ideal as specimens for smaller gardens, bearing crab apples in autumn ranging from yellow to red, their leaves turning yellow and orange too.