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lettuce and crabmeat dressed with sauce Louis

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Hangtown Fry, Sand Dabs With Meuniere Butter, Lazy Man's Cioppino, Crabmeat Monza, The Cliff House Crab Louis, Sutro Crab Cakes and Roasted Beet Salad are among them.
I grew up eating all sorts of wonderful food: spanikopita, pastitsio, and baklava from my Greek grandmother; chicken pot pies, biscuits, and cornbread from our housekeeper, who was from the South; blueberry pies, Crab Louis, macaroni and cheese, coq au vin, and duck a l'orange from my eclectic mother, who adored French cooking and the foods of her New England childhood.
We've reimagined the classic crab Louis as a satisfying sandwich, swapping in sweet, tiny bay shrimp and piling the salad onto thick slices of toasted bread.
And with crab Louis, he advises a crisp French chablis or a lighter unoaked chardonnay.
Dishes from the kitchen, headed by skillful chef David Northrup, can be old-fashioned favorites like lobster thermidor (current price $37), a vertical white pot of great onion soup ($5) and a crab louis salad ($12), or such contemporary favorites as a superb tuna tartare appetizer ($10) and a beautifully executed piece of cedar-planked roasted salmon ($18), appropriate with red wine because of its beurre rouge (red butter) sauce.