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a state of warm snug comfort

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This year, we've re-evaluated the definition of coziness and have widened our criteria and search," said Dr.
He has an incredible coziness not with the military but with dictatorship," The Wall Street Journal quoted Bhutto, as saying.
She added that the asphalt around the Russian Monument has been replaced by "nice paving-stones" and expressed her satisfaction that drivers and passengers will be able "to enjoy the beauty and the coziness, created by the renovated garden".
I love the coziness, the warmth, the almost negligible energy bills.
The restaurantAAEs ambience reflects elegance, uniqueness and coziness, with its walls embracing murals and paintings of famous artist Hazem Al-ZoAAEbi, exhibiting a beautiful blend of oriental and western art
A patch of Zoysia tenuifolia adds shag-rug coziness to the main seating area.
Its spring line is all about the transition from the coziness of Winter to the newness of Spring.
We can't do anything about any of that, but this is a boot-heating system with a remote control letting you set the precise level of coziness you would like on your toes.
The flooring is easy to install and maintain, providing comfort and coziness with easy of function and movement.
About the only drawback to all this coziness is that the club hoppers aren't cognizant (or don't care) that there are bedrooms 10 feet above street level when they're stumbling home at closing time.
Set in a former corn mill on an old cobbled street along Leeds' waterfront, this intriguing boutique hotel blends coziness and style effortlessly.
The small size of the studio, its extreme coziness, and the steam pipes in the corner were all fodder for dreaming up new dances.
In the wintertime, Eita enjoys the coziness of his grandparents' kotatsu (koh-TAT-soo).
shows how science became so closely tied to government and corporations, and how Oppenheimer reacted to the increasing coziness supported by the scientific community in search of knowledge, industrialists in search of profit, and governments in search of ever more deadly weaponry.
For the ultimate in winter luxury there is also a heating system with a timer and remote control to warm the vehicle while you have your breakfast in the coziness of your house or office.