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in a cozy manner


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of Wyoming) explains why European countries--not facing any external threat and snuggled cozily into NATO should one appear--nevertheless devised and continue to maintain their very own European Security and Defense Policy.
In this prophetic work, Grant warned: "If tyranny is to come in North America, it will come cozily and on cat's feet.
As tonight's episode unspools, however, the two invade one another's personal space quite cozily during a number of discussions, suggesting Brennan and Booth will be getting even cozier much sooner than Scully and Mulder did on ``The X-Files.
Returning to London after the war, he was hired as a staff scriptwriter by Ealing Studios, that quintessentially English organization that billed itself "The Studio with the Team Spirit" and that became best known for a brand of comedy at once cozily fanciful and laced with antiauthoritarian satire.
but happiness awaits at the end of a long day, when the rabbit comes home to sleep cozily, and the boy finds the flower that the seed became--it's the perfect gift for his mother
It's a brilliant day, and the couple is so cozily in sync after 25 years of marriage that they can communicate their contentedness in utter silence.
Sightlines have been generally improved by total re-seating, but the look and feel of the Victorian theater remain cozily unchanged.
Ellen Rosand's new book, significantly and ambitiously titled in a different way, demonstrates on every page how much has changed since this cozily Darwinian scheme was proposed, and one of the book's many strengths is its determination to take the operas mounted in Venice between 1638 and 1678 not as early precursors of "modern conditions" but rather on their own terms.
A 1972 remodel by Irvine architect William Ware stretched the cozily compact 1927 cottage to the rear of its lot, maintaining the garden area in front and creating a private patio within.
Other characters include rage-aholic Terri (Toni Trucks); charlatan politician Jimmy (Leslie Elliard), who aspires to become ``the black Barak Obama''; Yinka (Gbenga Akinnagbe), whose extremely clinical sex talk fails to close the deal with women; and Isaac (John Wesley Chatham), the white employee who fits in cozily with the others but would like to be cozier still with Terri.