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Synonyms for cosy

Synonyms for cosy

a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space


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This is the land of Robin Hood and even its coziest films depict scurrilous heists.
About two kilometers on there's a kids' playground, a beach bar and some of the coziest looking deckchairs around.
So if you use an organic pillow that's the coziest you've ever slept on or know of a local business making stylish furniture from recycled woods and materials, be sure to tell her
Kershaw gave up a leadoff single to Kazuo Matsui, who stole second; an RBI double to Miguel Tejada, cutting the Dodgers' lead to 3-2; and a thunderous two-run homer to Carlos Lee, a ball that sailed over the elevated railroad track in left field and completely out of what might be baseball's coziest confines.
But they take pains to stay on the coziest possible terms with still mighty Russia, which ruled them for well over a century in its czarist and Soviet incarnations and still dominates so many of their interests through its leadership of the CIS.
This simple-to-prepare product comes in five hearty varieties--Chai Almond, Natural, Oaxacan Chocolate, Orange Date, and Spiced Apple Raisin--so a different flavor will entice you from even the coziest bed every morning of the workweek.
Politicians and dancers aren't usually the coziest of couples.
These coziest of stellar companions are between zero and three astronomical units apart.
Totalitarianism, Berman writes, is "the system of oppression that reaches into the coziest and most private comers of life, into questions of sexuality, conscience, and personal behavior, and sets out to squeeze each of these intimate and individual matters into the exact and peculiar shape that is required by the governing fantasy.
The characters cited in the above scenario, however, are the Democrats and Hollywood, one of Washington's coziest couples.
One of the coziest rooms in the house is the master bath.
Built in 1898 by a local entrepreneur, the gabled Victorian had fallen into disrepair until the Jordons came along and made it into one of the coziest bed and breakfast around.
The exclusive Sleep Number m7 bed offers a memory foam bed that cools, contours and adjusts so each sleeper can realize their coziest, most-personalized sleep ever.