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Synonyms for cosy

Synonyms for cosy

a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space


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These coziest of stellar companions are between zero and three astronomical units apart.
Totalitarianism, Berman writes, is "the system of oppression that reaches into the coziest and most private comers of life, into questions of sexuality, conscience, and personal behavior, and sets out to squeeze each of these intimate and individual matters into the exact and peculiar shape that is required by the governing fantasy.
On the following pages, some of the things you might want for your bedroom, ranging from the coziest, comfiest bed quilts to the most high-tech bedside audio systems, plus on pages 102 and 103, the Classics, the things you really need for the room.
The characters cited in the above scenario, however, are the Democrats and Hollywood, one of Washington's coziest couples.
Toby Martin snuggled deeper into the coziest spot of all.
Designed to help sleepers find their coziest sleep ever, the m9 memory foam bed offers the latest Sleep Number innovations:
To top it all off, Sherpa-lined Hoodies for him and her are the coziest layer around.
On the one hand, they take pains to stay on the coziest possible terms with still mighty Russia, which ruled them for well over a century in its czarist and Soviet incarnations and still dominates so many of their interests through its leadership of the CIS.
If you like having your coffee outside in the morning, for instance, where's the warmest, coziest place to sit?
The exclusive Sleep Number m7 bed offers a memory foam bed that cools, contours and adjusts so each sleeper can realize their coziest, most-personalized sleep ever.
From Portland to Durham, makers of Honeywell Heaters identify the top coziest cities across the country
In the clearance section of our website, we're currently featuring short-term discounts on some of our softest and coziest cotton sheet set pieces and other bedding choices.
On the other hand, if she continues to take her investigation in unpopular directions, retirement might be the coziest of her options.
Have you perfected a brain-boosting snack food or created the coziest homework hot spot?