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Synonyms for cosy

Synonyms for cosy

a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space


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With window film applied, a home's interior temperature can be made cozier without shutting out natural light.
net, Cozier said that the player's association problem had been quite disruptive and there was a lot of suspicion between the board and the players, which obviously harmed West Indies cricket.
CRICKET commentator Tony Cozier had his Test Match Special colleagues in fits of laughter yesterday after being conned by a spoof letter from a Mexican called Juan Carr.
TV and radio commentator Tony Cozier added: "It was shocking, schoolboy stuff.
The next afternoon, our extended family got a little cozier with the arrival of Jenna Therese Piemonte, whose parents, Jeff and Julie, are theater friends.
Journalist and commentator Tony Cozier wrote in his Sunday Sun column: "In 40 years covering West Indies cricket, I have never known the depth of frustration, hopelessness and downright anger that now exists.
Armentano's backlit, black-wood-walled elevators are even cozier.
The shops and stores there are chic, eccentric, less expensive, cozier.
Housed in Temple's Paley Library, PDCAT comprises a single, cool storage room on the second floor and a smaller and cozier office for Edsall next door.
Wood-grained planking is cozier and comes in a variety of woods: warm cherry, maple, beach and whitewashed pecky cypress.
By carving an interior "Main Street" from the entrance through the warehouse, the architects defined a pathway to learning labs, offices, a gift shop, a cafe, and cozier nooks including a library.
It's not just that conservatism and television are perfect bedfellows; their union has gotten much cozier, more symbiotic, in the past twenty years due to government policy.
Red Hat Inc's already cozy relationship with Intel Corp got even cozier yesterday, when the San Jose chip maker announced it would bundle Durham, North Carolina's branded Linux with all server platforms marketed through its ISP.
The commentating team for the West Indies Tests next summer will include Barbadian lawyer Donna Symmonds and Tony Cozier, the doyen of West Indian cricket observers.
For several decades, European workers have been accustomed to much cozier conditions than their U.