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ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head

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The filming took place over a few days in the Cairngorms and around the Huddersfield area, all of which was made possible by PS20,000 Coz had intended to use as a house deposit.
Poradatelsky tym nicmene po celou dobu odvadel svoji praci na vybornou, coz bylo patrne nejen z pripravy sborniku, jenz byl usporadan jiz v dobe prijezdu ucastniku, ci stabilniho technickeho zazemi, ale take ze zajistovani kvalitni pece o Srednasejici.
But it is not fixed because [disjunction] coz[Q] [greater than or equal to] coz ((1 + [[alpha].
Pozitivne lze hodnotit i rozsahly a podrobny seznam pouzite literatury, ktery zajemcum o problematiku CSR nabizi konkretni odkazy na zahranicni publikace, coz je velice cennym zdrojem.
Le Coz noted that road accidents are estimated to become the third most common cause of death by 2020, compared to the ninth ranking in 1990.
I work in front of a turbo-powered computer, in a sparkling new office building that houses ten different magazines," Coz brags.
She is lying if she means to suggest that she proved false the 1997 article,'' Coz said from his Lantana, Fla.
It was a clear-cut case of going over the line," said Coz of the Globe story.
Le Coz, a French Islamicist, concentrates on the latter aspect.
Fax: (216) 434-8668 Contact: Jerry Leyden, president; Tom Knowles, VP, chemical services; Jim Drummond, manager, physical testing; Harry Bader, VP, latex services; Dennis Coz, manager, compound development; Mac Wilborn, VP, business development; Bob Samples, CEO Technical Service: Physical and chemical testing; certification; compound development of dry rubber and latex; compound analysis, testing and formula reconstruction; product and process development; litigation services; market research services; and FDA GMP 510(k) QNSQA assistance
Sasa hivi natafuta mtu nitulie naye, coz I used to go around and mess.
Something to love about the sea - coz believe me there is f*** all else you can do about this - is the way it just never turns up to order.
Opening track Don't Say You Love Me grabs the attention straight away: "Don't say you love me, coz you love my brother.