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aquatic South American rodent resembling a small beaver

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0%) wild rabbit liver, and no coypu livers (Table).
Animals recorded during this phase of the study included unidentified (n = 11), raccoon (n = 9), domestic cat (n = 4), nine-banded armadillo (n = 4), birds (n = 3), snakes (n = 2), and coypu (n = 1).
The local rodent-catchers were summoned and set traps, which had claimed one victim by the time we headed back to Britain, its corpse apparently destined for Toulouse where they have started to make coypu pate.
Coypus were thought to have been eradicated in Britain in a cull 20 years ago.
Effectiveness of coypu control in small Italian wetland areas.
It was successfully done with the coypu, a large rodent that escaped and then bred throughout the fenlands of East Anglia.
Each family of rodents, from mice to lemmings and coypu, is covered in detail, along with chapters on Rodents and People, Form and Function and Reproduction.
And daughter-in-law Vicky realised that her little rat of a husband Steve is actually a king coypu.
It was actually a giant Coypu, a rodent found mainly found in South America and Africa, but its size must have struck knowing looks and a smile from those visitors who would soon be heading back to Everton and Scottie Road.
I regard the fox in the same light as rats, feral mink and coypu.
In Norfolk, the coypu - a giant South American rodent - was exterminated by the mid-1960s because their tunnelling severely threatened the flood control dykes in the area.
In which region of England did the South American coypu become a pest?
The last time the government approved the destruction of a whole species was in the 1950s, when coypu were hunted down in Norfolk.
He helped lead a programme which eventually rid Britain of invading coypu in the 1980s.
It is home to wild and formal flowers, plants, animals and insects - including the coypu and red squirrels, both rarely seen in the UK.