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Synonyms for coxswain

the helmsman of a ship's boat or a racing crew


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The coxswain said some words in his outlandish tongue, doubtless warning the men to keep on their guard.
The pinnace could not avoid the shock, and half upset, shipped at least two tons of water, which had to be emptied; but, thanks to the coxswain, we caught it sideways, not full front, so we were not quite overturned.
A second gold medal was awarded to coxswain Evans, and a second silver medal to Evan Owens for rescuing 10 crew from the Greek motor vessel Nafsiporos in December 1966 during a hurricane.
ONE of the country's oldest retired lifeboat coxswains has died on Teesside, aged 97.
Jeff was told by RNLI bosses that he would take over as coxswain as logical successor - he even served 18 months as stand-in coxswain.
Coxswain Molly Smith, Charlotte Burton, Stevie-Rae Roberts, Katie Scandrett and Kim Jones celebrate in style.
The coxswain is an on-water coach for each team, pacing the crew over the 2,000-meter course.
The coxswain and helmsman, who also worked as harbour master and assistant, were last seen sailing out to sea off the north Wales coast at 11am on Monday.
Mr Allday had been coxswain for 13 years and was due to retire from the position next year.
The Daily Post has learned that tensions have been growing over the alleged replacement of the former Coxswain of the Moelfre RNLI while he was off work battling cancer.
Dave, along with second coxswain and mechanic Andy Dodd and deputy second coxswains Emily Jones and Steve Armitage, have already undergone training on a relief Shannon, practising difficult manoeuvres, high-speed work and recovering casualties as well as becoming familiar with the hi-tech electronic systems which allow the crew to control a lot of the lifeboat's functions from the relative safety of their seats.
Deputy second coxswain James Bolter said the lifeboat crew were extremely proud of their newest recruit.
Yule, from St Vigeans, near Arbroath, first volunteered for the local lifeboat crew when he was 17 and became coxswain in 2004.
The varsity eight boat (Kendell Cotton, Frederick Hunter, John Madura, Ricky Holak, Michael Mourkas, Alex Barat, Adam Panzica, Jim MacDonald, and coxswain Lauren Moloney) won a four-boat race with its time of 6:01.