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the helmsman of a ship's boat or a racing crew


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Prior to joining the leadership of Coxswain Consulting, Julia worked as a local government consultant, and directly managed a municipal client portfolio of approximately $5 billion in general revenues and 70 jurisdictions.
Plus you really have to take your time which means the coxswains and the crews are really relaxed.
Another bronze medal was awarded to Coxswain Harold (Danny) Triggs for saving two lives on the tug Diane, which had sunk.
John Redford Armstrong, 81, the son of second coxswain and who shares the same name as his father, said: "It was the backwash off the pier before they could turn the boat.
The Colonials' varsity 8 is led by senior coxswain Derek Markian, senior Marc Tebbetts, junior Nick Dell'Olio, junior Saed Salah, sophomore Jacob Yankee, sophomore Jacob Calkins, junior Justin Furness, sophomore Matthew Sena and junior bowman Fuming Qui.
Jeff was told by RNLI bosses that he would take over as coxswain as logical successor - he even served 18 months as stand-in coxswain.
He worked hard to become a coxswain, he said, because it gives him the rewarding opportunity to lead while embracing a great challenge to serve his country in a unique role.
Jerry Rees, coxswain of the lifeboat crew in Angle, west Wales, has been volunteering for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute since 1986 and hopes to save even more lives with the help of city folk.
The OAR men's junior four boat finished on top, with Josh Barnes, Gus Gordon, Jared Hooley, Devin Lee and coxswain Sarah Kler.
He was the captain of Yale University's eight-man rowing team with coxswain that won gold at the 1924 Paris Olympics.
FURTHER to our article of January 4, Mr Peter Lambert MBE, owner of Coxswain who sired Princess Anne's bull terrier Florence, would like us to point out that, although he did say that if someone visited him and his dog bit them he would have it put down, he was not specifically urging Princess Anne to have her dog destroyed.
But as senior coxswain, he is a leading figure in the Sidmouth Inshore Rescue Service.
It follows a row between the crews and their coxswain which had led to 15 members resigning.