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enterovirus causing a disease resembling poliomyelitis but without paralysis

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26) Of 764 HFMD patients enrolled in a prospective study, 214 cases were associated with Coxsackievirus A 16 (CVA16) infection and 173 cases were associated with HEVA-71 infection.
For non-enveloped viruses HRV14 (responsible for the majority of acute respiratory infections in both children and adults) and coxsackievirus type 9 (CA9--tend to infect the skin and mucous membranes, causing herpangina, acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis, and hand-foot-and-mouth (HFM) disease) were included in the analyses.
HFMD is a common infectious disease caused by a group of enteroviruses, including Coxsackievirus A16 (CA16) and Enterovirus 71 (EV71).
Viralytics' lead investigational product, CAVATAK, is a proprietary formulation of the common cold Coxsackievirus Type A21 (CVA21).
When mice were fed a selenium-deficient diet and then inoculated with a nonvirulent strain of Coxsackievirus B3, the virus mutated to become a virulent strain.
Rapid genomic evolution of a non-virulent coxsackievirus B3 in selenium-deficient mice results in selection of identical virulent isolates.
The most common strains to cause HFMD are coxsackievirus A16 (CA16) and enterovirus 71(EV71).
Enterovirusler picornavirus ailesinden olup; Coxsackievirus A ve B, Echovirus ve daha yeni numaralandirilmis enterovirus 68-71 ve poliovirusleri icerir.
Serum microRNA expression profile distinguishes enterovirus 71 and coxsackievirus 16 infections in patients with hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
But they cautioned that there was no evidence the vaccine would cross-protect against another virus called coxsackievirus A 16, which is often found circulating with EV71 and also causes hand foot and mouth disease.
Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by many other viruses, such as Coxsackievirus A16 and even other strains of EV71, so this vaccine could not eliminate the disease.
On analysis of the results a significant association was shown between the homeopathic combination and a reduction in the activity or viability of Human herpesvirus 1, Human adenovirus C serotype 5, Influenza A virus, Human respiratory syncytial virus, Human parainfluenza virus 3, Human rhinovirus B serotype 14, and Human coxsackievirus serotype A9.
The serologic tests for viral etiology were negative for hepatitis B and C virus, human immunodeficiency virus, Coxsackievirus B, adenovirus and parvovirus B19.