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1A); 4) the total length of the prothorax is greater than the length of either the fore coxa or the fore femur; 5) the length of the scutellum is nearly twice its width (1.
Legs dark brown, fore coxa brown, bases of mid and hind coxae narrowly yellow, tibiae each with a narrow yellow annulus basally.
Leg: Brown, setation predominantly white; pro, mes, and met coxa apubescent, long white setose; met trochanter setose medially; femur brown, met femur more-or-less cylindrical only slightly wider than pro and mes femur, in distal half macrosetose, 1 anteroventral and 1 posteroventral row of macrosetae, posteroventrally long white, erect setose and setae arranged in distinct row; pro, mes, and met tibia straight, met tibia cylindrical, ventral keel absent, lateroposteriorly long white, erect setose and setae arranged in distinct row; pro and mes tarsomere 1 as long as tarsomere 2, met tarsomere 1 as long as combined length of tarsomeres 2-3; pulvillus well-developed, as long as well-developed claw, and as wide as base of claw; empodium absent.
Legs yellow apart from brown on outer third of hind femur and patch on mid coxa.
03003), 4: 5: 5: 6; pedipalpal coxa with 2 apical setae, apex somewhat pointed.
tekonivelimplantit and instrumentation, as well as development Joint replacement hospital Coxa routine primaariprotetiikkaan belong.
Coxa valga was also evident on imaging, with a neck shaft angle of approximately 163[degrees] (Fig.
Natatory sensilla absent; ventral spinulae present on tibiae and tarsi, not as well developed on metaleg; coxa robust and elongate, coxal suture prominent on anterior surface; trochanter divided into two regions, lTr and 2TV; respective lengths (in mm) of individual segments of pro-, meso-, and metathoracic legs: coxae, 1.
Salpicao de frango - chicken salad made with sultanas, onions, garlic, sweetcorn, grated carrots, chillies, capers, spring onions and mayonnaise, topped with matchstick potatoes | Feijoada - A stew made of smoked pork and black beans | Cogumelos ao alho e oleo - Sauteed mushrooms in olive oil, garlic and chillies | Aborora com cebola e manteiga - pumpkin cooked in butter, onions and sugar | Linguica de porco - Brazilian pork sausage | Coxa de dfrango - chicken legs What we drank: | Tarquino Shiraz-Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, 2010 - PS17.
Coxa vara is most commonly caused by an injury, either a fracture of the neck of the femur or an injury sustained to the growing part of the bone during adolescence.
1 sequencing Assay PCR product size, bp EV71 real-time Real-time analysis RT-PCR CVA16 RT-PCR 110 EV71 VP1 701 sequencing * EV71, enterovirus 71; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR; VP, viral protein; FAM, carboxyfluorescein; BHQ1, black hole quencher 1; CVA16, coxsackievirus A16; CoxA, coxsackievirus.
Conditions producing bumps over the head neck junction (Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SUFE), Perthe's, Coxa Vara etc) or conditions resulting in deepened socket (Coax profunda, Protrusio, Retroversion of acetabulum, etc) produce impingement.
Los especimenes machos mostraron cuerpo oval alargado, presentando en la coxa I una espina externa larga y aguda cubriendo parte de la coxa II.
It differs from the primitive (troglobitic) Orconectes in lacking a prominent boss on the coxa of the fourth pereiopod; in this respect, resembling some Faxonella and Hobbseus.
It also goes by various other names such as Coxa Saltans or 'dancers' hips'.