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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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his customer approached him from behind and silently offered him a cowry over his shoulder.
Inadvertently, the scattered cowry shells on the ground had revealed her future as well: Her destiny was to be a healer.
It is a board with a series of holes arranged in rows, usually two or four and the playing pieces which could be stones, seeds, or cowry shells.
The centrepiece was based upon the shape of the cowry shell, which represents a ship's sail in the wind.
Looking at the underside of any cowry, I'd see a narrow aperture, a slit with ridges like gums in a toothless mouth or lips that had been sutured together and then ripped apart.
I like Chunky Monkey and Rocky Road ice cream and cowry shells that have been carved, like a cameo, on their tops.
Voodoo priests, also consulted an oracle by casting cowry shells, a sea shell used by native people throughout the world as amulets and tools for divination.
Thistle & Bee presents Tiger Cowry Napkin Rings.
The gold-ringed cowry Monetaria annulus (Linnaeus, 1759) is abundant on intertidal shores with a variety of substrata across the Indo-Pacific tropics and subtropics.
It was initially a barter arrangement, where one possession was swapped for another; soon, however, goods were exchanged for currencies such as cowry shells, metal tools or cows, and by around 700 BC, coins began to be fashioned out of metals.
Michael Cowry, defending the 15-year-old boy, said it was an attack that happened because the teenagers were in a group, and wouldn't have happened if they were alone.
cowrie, cowry, courie 'shell of a small gastropod, Cypraea moneta' gehen auf Hindi kauri, das seinerseits von sanskrit kapardah 'eine gewundene kleine Muschel, Kauri' herruhrt; die letzte Form ist aus den drawidischen Sprachen entlehnt (vgl.
Within a sleek, freestanding metal frame, a selection of furnishings and curios--a David Hockney etching of young male lovers, a bust of Apollo (the original "Greek god") garlanded with roped cowry beads, a headless body of a once fabulous wooden carousel horse cradled on a tattered loveseat--outline the dimensions of a virtual interior.