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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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These two premises accepted there could be little doubt that Schneider would prove trustworthy in so far as accepting the command of the Cowrie was concerned; after that Kai Shang knew that he could find means to coerce the man into submission to his further wishes.
Each knew that in the heart of the others was sufficient treachery to make it unsafe for any member of the party to go ashore leaving the others in possession of the Cowrie, so not more than two or three men at a time were ever permitted aboard the vessel unless all the balance of the company was there too.
The knowledge that he alone could navigate the Cowrie had, up to now, been sufficient assurance of his safety; but quite evidently something had occurred of which he had no knowledge that would make it quite worth the while of his co-conspirators to eliminate him.
In cowries (Family Cypraeidae, Subfamily Cypraeinae), the spire is generally concealed in mature individuals by the most recent shell growth.
Unlike the earlier tixingpai sets from Ml 13, Tianma-Qucun M6214 and Hengshui Ml, the trapezoidal plaques from M92 are made from nephrite rather than ivory or bone and the set was not directly associated with cowries.
The lists in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are operated locally, so pre-regs in these cowries should apply to their local Health Board.
Other objects like mortars for pounding grain, crude metal "jewellery" wound around plastic necks, cowries, dried animal skins, drums and masks formerly used for rituals, speak of hidden histories, inherited myths and unforgotten ancestral lives impregnated in the resultant sculptures.
The women wearing their traditional black robes, ornate cowries shelled head dresses and adorned with colored necklaces, dance in a circle.
According to Polo, cowries, salt, gold and silver were the main currencies in other parts of China like Fujian and Yunnan.
He wears a topi (cap) and carries the colourful ritual dress of the sirha, a long skirt and a blouse decorated with cowries, in a small box.
The associations of cowries with the history of the slave trade (the Europeans used cowrie shells from the Indian Ocean to buy slaves) has resonance for these objects as well, because it was in part as protection against the dangers of slaving wars that these bocio once had a central role.
These traditional indicators include: plants, birds, insects (bees, butterfly, red ants, termites), stars, hill shadows, moon, winds (direction, strength, and time of starting and ending), clouds (position and movement), lightning (location and pattern), springs and swamps, cowries, and so on.
Long ago, Somalis prized these small cowries and carried them as currency.
Han colonization led to the disappearance of cowries, replaced with wuzhu coins, thus indicating the extent of the impact of political change on the local economy.
On another bookcase, bits of Pismo clam shells with purple stripes, sand-blasted eggshell-thin urchins, chestnut cowries, and sand dollars next to a pair of large red dice from Las Vegas, which, as a group, remind me about my chances here overall.