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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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Valga recordar que en 1977 Cowrie se convirtio en la primera Jefa de Fotografia en el diario unomasuno del cual fue fundadora.
It is similar to a scarf approximately 20 inches long and 10 inches wide and is heavily decorated with the cowries seashells buttons and decorative stitches.
The flagship feature of the Cowrie Place is the establishment of a Coordination Monitoring Centre, where the data and information will be fed, assimilated and made available to all government department and agencies involved in the maritime border management.
Just after I got married, my mother gave a cowrie shell to my wife and her sister, telling them of the shells' history.
A Chase Bank banner was repurposed into AfroChase, with the company's name, logo, and a motto--STRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITIES--depicted in gray felt home insulation adorned with hair picks and cowrie shells, an iconic early form of tender in West Africa as well as an emblem of fortune-telling and divination.
com 3 In malen b's Classics group, cowrie shells provide the basic shape for one of the new patterns.
Whether American or Somali, Christian or Islamic, male or female, black or white, we are all worth the same sum of camels, the same weight of cowrie shells.
Cowrie and the others have heard most of this before, but Sahara is shocked.
Inspired by the colors of the South African sunset, she chose a dress that was tie-dyed in various shades of orange and gold with embroidered trim and gold-painted cowrie shells.
Walking along the beach would be a doorpiece (the 'lid' on the shell of sea molluscs) or maybe a cowrie shell or a bit of driftwoo.
As in past such crises, one might expect a shift from currencies into gold, land, jewelry, cowrie shells, and other such assets.
Democratic Republic of Congo, Vili-Kongo, Male Figure (Nkisi Nkondi), early/mid-19th century, Wood, metal, glass, fabric, fibers, cowrie shells, bones, leather, gourds, and feathers, 28 1/3" (72 cm).
On the same collecting trip, Ritson-Williams picked up a type of shelled sea creature called a cowrie and put it in the same container with the flatworm.
Five years ago, while collecting flatworms in Guam, he picked up a cowrie to give to a friend who was doing a research project on that speckled-shell mollusk.