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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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The western expansion after the Civil War sent droves of settlers pushing toward the Pacific, including many willing to work as cowpunchers to satisfy a growing American hunger for beef.
Leah promises to give a rip-roaring performance in the title role, ably supported by her fellow gun-slinger, cowpunchers, cowboys and girls.
Most cowboys were forced to sell their labor for low wages and under poor working conditions, and cowpunchers trying to compete as small owners were often accused of rustling by the large interests and were subjected to the violence of vigilantes and private detectives like Pinkerton's Charlie Siringo (1912).
Today, movies are so ingrained in our culture it is hard to imagine a time when former cowpunchers, prospectors, vaudevillians, even junk dealers made up the rules as they went along.
So in reality most true cowpunchers were not gun wise in the Hollywood icon sense.
This book provides a collection of biographies of dozens of young people who made a mark in American history, including explorers, planters, spies, cowpunchers, sweatshop workers, and civil rights activists.
People also called him a cattleboy, cowpuncher, cowpoke, drover, wrangler, vaquero, buckaroo, ranahan, rannie, and waddie.