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Synonyms for cowpuncher

a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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A rank-and-file cowpuncher was usually poor: he owned his clothes, horse gear, rope, and bedroll, maybe a harmonica or Colt .
Fletcher was a tall, tough hombre with a bandito mustache and a crusty voice, who had the stamina of a cowpuncher and the wariness of a riverboat gambler.
We Pointed them North: recollections of a cowpuncher.
His careers included a stint in the Seventh Cavalry and work as a cowpuncher, newsstand clerk, pencil-sharpener salesman, and alderman (he skipped town three weeks after the election).
He had no trade or profession; he was neither farmer, rancher nor cowpuncher.
He became a roving cowpuncher in Texas territory, rustling cattle, tilling land, working in stables, and hitting the road whenever wanderlust stirred.
It embodies all my ideas of what such a gun should be for the cowpuncher,.