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fecal matter of a cow


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IT WAS cowpies all round yesterday as Desperate Dan and his comic book chums helped Dundee become the first UNESCO City of Design in the UK.
As in Joel Salatin's model for following beef cattle with his layer flocks, the poultry pick apart the cowpies for fly larvae, spreading their fertility evenly on the pasture sward, breaking disease and parasite cycles--and adding to the live-protein component of their diet.
tufts of grass and forbs adjacent to old cowpies and scattered woody vegetation comprise the only structure in these fields; this is most noticeable mid to late summer.
Pollan lovingly describes intensive farming practices like wagons full of laying hens rotated into pastures four days after cows have been through to eat the larvae that appear in cowpies.
And they probably can when bouncing around their home drome, dodging cowpies on the back 40.
The book also reports that along with "Boy Genius," the president has given Rove another nickname: "Turd Blossom," a term common in Texas for a flower that grows out of cowpies.
Characters like the Snopeses with their color-blind banknotes draw corruption as fresh cowpies draw flies, but when there is no single aesthetic locus by which we can measure justice, then the corruption is complete.
How many backpackers have dropped down from some alpine ridge into a sweet meadow only to find trampled creek banks, maggoty cowpies and an unfriendly bull to stay clear of?
They busted birds, couldn't find cripples or dead birds and rolled in cowpies.
The chickens scatter the cowpies, picking out the fly maggots in them as high-protein feed; and in the process disperse the fertility in the droppings over the entire sward, and break parasite and pathogen cycles by exposing them to nature's sanitizers: air and sunshine.
THE COWPIES HAVE IT: Desperate Dan shows his support.
Trying to understand an election by examining the votes is like trying to understand the movement of a herd by studying the cowpies instead of the cowhands, political scientist Thomas Ferguson said some years ago.
And then there is the well-known bird dog obsession with intolerable juxtapositions: juicy cowpies, irate bovines who take out their ire on the clog's owner, porcupines and skunks.
The chooks scratch apart the cowpies for the fly maggots growing in them--a significant protein boost for them--in the process scattering the poops over a wider area, dispersing their fertility to the entire sward, as well as exposing any pathogens to sunlight and air, nature's antibiotics.