cownose ray

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large ray found along eastern coast of North America

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Budding marine biologists also have the opportunity to feed the cownose rays if they fancy it.
Dubai: Prevarifications that artificial islands created off Dubai shores would never play host as a natural habitat to marine animals are being proved wrong with the arrival in recent days of a massive school of cownose rays.
KEY WORDS: Durophagy, cownose ray, prey selection, predation risk, Rhinoptera, bivalve mollusc
The study combines trends in shark, skate, and ray populations over the last 35 years with experiments on the effects that cownose rays can have on scallops.
As part of the new study, he and his colleagues explored some of those effects by protecting bay scallops from the cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus), one of the flourishing midlevel predators.
Cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus), previously unreported as a food item of cobia, was the only elasmo-branch consumed by cobia in Chesapeake Bay.
In Georgia, cownose ray, crevalle jack, cobia, and the spotted eagle ray were most abundant in the bycatch; in north Florida, cownose ray and spotted eagle ray were dominant (Fig.
In addition, the important processes of scallop spawning and cownose ray predation are discrete temporally.
Round Average round weight weight/fish Species (kg) (kg) Retained catch Albacore 27,717 21 Yellowfin tuna 5,433 24 Bigeye tuna 3,668 76 Swordfish 1,684 112 Bonito 9 5 Other pelagic fishes 3 --(1) Subtotal 38,514 Discarded catch Swordfish 1,170 Albacore 1,271 Hammerhead shark 295 Blue shark 91 Myctophidae 56 Little tunny 48 Fish unspecified 26 Yellowfin tuna 18 Roughtail stingray 18 Angel shark 7 Atlantic torpedo 5 Loligo squid 4 Cownose ray 2 Louvar 2 Jellyfish 1 Nmeichthyidae --(1) Subtotal 3,014 Total observed catch 41,528 (1) Dash = < 1 Kg.
The ball deflected off a fan trying to catch the souvenir and wound up in the 10,000-gallon tank where cownose rays swim around.
Guests can also feed Cownose Rays, dive in a shark-infested lagoon or explore the depths on a Shark Safari.
Another close encounter we experienced was with a shallow pool full of hungry cownose rays that slivered up our legs and arms to suck down a feast of fish food from our hands.
From December 18 to January 2, Father Christmas will be making regular dives, visiting the rare Green Turtles, Cownose Rays and colourful tropical fish in the Ocean Reef Display.
Just beyond the right-center field wall in the depressing warehouse the decade-old Tampa Bay Devil Rays had always hoped they wouldn't have to play in this long, there is a small, transparent tank stocked with cownose rays on loan from the nearby Florida Aquarium.