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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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Cowman says it involves the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma and a set of well-developed management tools that enable organizations to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Professor Cowman said the researchers were shocked to discover that malaria parasites work in unison to enhance 'activation' into sexually mature forms that can be picked up by mosquitoes, which are the carriers of this deadly disease.
Reasons for pursuing the BSN are related to internal or intrinsic factors (Megginson, 2008), personal achievement or satisfaction (Delaney & Piscopo, 2004; Reilley, 2003), career advancement (Delaney & Piscopo; Reilley), the improvement of clinical judgment (Hughes, 2005; Joyce & Cowman, 2007), and increased knowledge (Hughes).
The auction consisted of cocktails and appetizers, a catered dinner, tables of silent auction items, and a live auction that was as entertaining as it was profitable, thanks to our fantastic auctioneer-Brett Cowman from System Three Resins.
He said he'd give me rides if I'd also work as his cowman, and he was true to his word; a few days later I was third on one of his pointers.
The mission statement enables everyone to work towards common goals and most importantly in this context by providing an overarching vision toward which each member may strive (Berg et al, 2003; Ferrari & Cowman, 2004).
A couple of the new account assistants are both horsey girls and are partial to the occasional cowman (surprisingly soft hands apparently).
The Wurzels may be getting on a bit now (the original line-up formed in the Sixties and current drummer John Morgan is 78) but they put on an energetic set that included The Blackbird, Somerset Jigolo, Farmer Bill's Cowman, Good Old Somerset, Drink up Thy Zider, Shepton Mallet Matador and I Am A Cider Drinker (Paloma Blanca).
At the glamorous TV station where they both worked they called him Tam - Tam Cowman.
Besides serving as a source of abundant green power, this latest batch of SunCatcher[TM], says Steve Cowman, Stirling Energy Systems chief executive officer, will be produced by the "automotive supply chain that offers high volume production through an assembly line process.
The farmer and cowman should be friends," the cast of Oklahoma
David Cowman, one of the managers of the Aerolibre school, said: "He hung forward, his head was bowed and his arms were hanging straight down.
Also present at the event was Nursing and Midwifery department head Professor Seamus Cowman.
An exponential evolution was proposed by Martin [10], while a polynomial development of the Huggins equation was introduced more recently by Matsuoka and Cowman [9].