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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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Cowman, a world-renowned expert on malaria, is principal research fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne and heads a laboratory currently investigating the molecular genetics of parasites.
Solvent usage in some cases was reduced by 90%," says John Cowman, Technical Manager (Process Chemicals) for Clariant in the UK.
Mayor John Cowman is pleased with both the developmental and financial results of these collaborative efforts.
His rehab under Leinster rugby guru Jason Cowman has got him back on the field in time to play a part in Westmeath's 2006 championship campaign.
Paul Cowman, head of protection at Prudential, says: "It is entirely irrational.
Kim McCullough, Theresa Mehringer and Jeff Cowman join the firm as partners, and Lynne Hanson, Garrett Tuttle and Donna Bloomer join as associates.
RNLI member Raymond Cowman said: "He had climbed down the grassy cliff face and when he got about half way he put his foot on the smooth rock face and fell.
John Kelley, Chevrolet's marketing services manager, was on hand to present the toys to Gunnery Sergeant Cowman and Corporal Smith representing the U.
William recalled quite a few farm employees, including fellow farm lad, Bob Bailey, cowman Mr Cansfield, woodman Dave Simpson (senior), Percy Simpson as chauffeur, gardener Jimmy Nicholls and coachman Harry Powell.
Among these is his role in the creation of BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, the most successful weekly newsletter in livestock publishing; American Cowman, a digital newsletter and website for small-scale U.
Professor Alan Cowman, Dr Neta Regev-Rudzki, Dr Danny Wilson and colleagues from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in collaboration with Professor Andrew Hill from the University of Melbourne's Bio21 Institute and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology showed that malaria parasites are able to send out messages to communicate with other malaria parasites in the body.
Contact Joe Cowman at (770) 534-0703 or JoeCowman@gainco.
The shepherd cares about his sheep, the cowman cherishes his cattle.
In 1908 when I next visited Calgary with the 101 Ranch Show, I discussed with Harry McMullen, a former old-time cowman, who at that time was General Livestock Agent for the Canadian Pacific Railway, the possibilities of presenting an annual Frontier Day celebration there, this to include world's championship cowboy competitions.
A number of studies have investigated nurses' motivations for engaging in (Bahn, 2007: Hayajneh, 2009; Joyce & Cowman, 2007; Jukkala, Henly, & Lindeke.