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protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine

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Cowlings can't be subjected to a second round of questioning in the wrongful death lawsuit against his friend O.
Cowlings speaks of the confusing hours after the Simpsons got into a nasty fight that required Nicole Simpson to be taken to the hospital.
In response to the growing regional demand for the supply, repair and overhaul of GE90 nacelle components, Lufthansa Technik and Spirit AeroSystems will place inventory, including GE90 thrust reversers and cowlings, in the Lufthansa Technik Middle East Services' headquarter location in Dubai.
It is thought that the engine cowling covers on two different planes were confused, and mistakenly marked as secure on the plane to be used for the Oslo flight.
Different views will no doubt long be held about the academic value of Cowlings quite formidable body of work.
2 engine-access cowling had snapped near the hinges, dropping the intake to the ground.
Cowlings would not say whether the agency was partnering with any other firm on the proposal.
It wasn't his normal routine, so the instructor could not remember where he had resumed the preflight and whether he had secured all the cowlings.
Cowlings will both make a public appearance in Los Angeles this weekend at the NecroComicon in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, Calif.
Without the protection of the fire-proof strip, the metal airframe cowlings and the duct assembly can crack.
Simpson's most famous run: With best friend Al Cowlings driving, Simpson takes a slow trip up the San Diego Freeway followed by a fleet of police cars and an estimated 90 million TV viewers, including those detoured from the NBA Finals.
McStarlite will manufacture inlet cowlings for all business jets currently produced by Cessna.
The Commercial Airplanes business unit, Wichita Division, will use the software in manufacturing advanced-composite nacelles, or engine cowlings, for the 700-series aircraft.
Repair of high-performance composite parts, such as engine inlet cowlings and pylon fairings, is among the most expensive and time-consuming tasks in aircraft MRO.