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protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine

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Cowling saw politics as a blood sport without rules or teams that affords few opportunities for spectating; he wanted academics to abandon moralizing and concentrate on explaining political successes and failures.
The plane, bound for Oslo, was forced to double back after both of its protective engine cowlings blew away on take-off, setting one engine alight.
FAMILY: Billy and Nicola with, from left, sister Lacey Maskell, gran Carole Cowling and grandad Mark Cowling
Unfasten the dzus fasteners on the aft end of the engine cowling.
Autopsy reports show that Cowling died after a night of seizures as a result of withdrawal symptoms from Methadone and Xanax.
Cowling made derogatory remarks about two of the clubs' directors in reply to an e-mail sent by an angry Canaries supporter.
Cowling moved to the Middle East in 1995 and has since been involved in providing people performance consultancy programmes to various organisations in the region.
The group's work has focused on alleviating the fears and publicizing the program while the department builds it, Cowling said.
Mr Cowling posed with other well known presenters such as Ian McCaskill and Michael Fish to mark the milestone.
Mrs Cowling said: 'It's not about the year, it's about the last 50 years.
While I wasted precious seconds worrying about the cowling, the instructor in the back seat showed a little more sense.
At Peterhouse, Portillo fell under the wing of his tutor and acclaimed historian Michael Cowling.
Nursing Corporation, announced Kay Cowling has been named chief executive officer.
Cowling welcomed the call by the ALP for the Government to release its data, and urged the Government and the ALP to work cooperatively with the aged care sector to develop more appropriate funding models.