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a tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and usually will not lie flat

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One of his lieutenants, a blond with a cowlick proud on his misshapen head, informed me of all this and asked if I wanted to do it on a Saturday.
You don't dare push down the cowlick that keeps rearing up because of your shaking.
His hair had a cowlick at the crown; he pressed his palm against it, a nervous tick.
Quasimodos take note: "If you have a lazy eye or weird cowlick, you can cover it.
When he snips off a cowlick, for example, it leaves a bald spot, and the whole student body ends up having to get checked for suspected ringworm.
Brilliantine was essential to maintaining the gravity-defying men's hairstyles of the 1950s: the exaggerated ducktail of the Bodgie and Elvis's engorged cowlick.
My Dad started slicking back his hair with enough grease to have an OPEC oil minister assigned to his cowlick.
Petruk is one of the four wiseguys in ''wayang'' stories, who is tall, thin and has a long nose with buck teeth and a cowlick.
The company has held down costs like a bad cowlick so they can price their goods competitively.
Few of the intercross offspring have had a cowlick or kinked tail.
They have a scaled down menu which features the company's signature products like the Awful Awful thick shake drink, the Cowlick cone (chocolate dipped ice cream cone with crushed walnuts) and the Super Chipper (bakery-fresh chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich).
a) mad cow disease; (b) foot-and-mouth disease; (c) mange; (d) cowlick.
Not long after Alan Freed started rocking in Cleveland, along came Bill Haley - complete with greasy cowlick on his forehead - to give us Crazy Man Crazy in 1953, followed by his ground-breaking No1 hit Rock Around the Clock.
The square-jawed commander, his trademark dark cowlick drooping over his forehead, was carrying a sign that read: "EXODUS .
Most individuals also have a cowlick in the middle of the back and a kink in the tail.