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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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As long as they have the desire, give them the [academic] support they need to help them achieve in the classroom as well as their sport," continues Cowherd.
As the story is told, the Weaving Maid was the daughter of the Emperor of Heaven, and, as her name suggests, she was very skilled at weaving; the Cowherd was a hardworking mortal.
Cowherd mentioned that he probably wouldn't have the job he has if he didn't have the natural inclination to talk to the people around him -- cab drivers, people in the elevator, those he meets at airports or in sports stadiums.
Both the cowherd grazing communities and the agriculturists mainly used ceramic pottery for food making, water storage and eating utensils.
1979), Cowherd (1982), US-EPA (1995a) y Australia EPA (1996) determinaron formulas empiricas para la establecer las tasas de emision en actividades carboniferas.
The reason for the optimism is a small and growing even smaller, beef cowherd and a strong uptick in exports.
The following Monday a cowherd became suspicious of the house's blacked-out windows.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970s, developing collection and detection techniques for particle size ranges from 1 to 10 [micro]m in diameter, the same range useful for biological specimens, according to Chat Cowherd, PhD, principal advisor for engineering.
Finally, this clarification isn't to brow-beat the media (for the record, Colin Cowherd incorrectly cited the percentage on air today, as well).
The contest winner is crowned as the festival's king for that year and the activity commemorates the pranks of Hindu deity Krishna and cowherd boys.
The brightest star very high in this direction around map time is orange Arcturus in Bootes, the Cowherd.
Story of the humble cowherd who became the very first poet to write in English.
Unless we stop expensive marriages, insecurity will not end till Jesus comes," he said winning laughter from participants among them cowherd men who view his approach as impossible.
Syndicated programming includes Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and Mike and Mike.
STAY at The Barn at Cowherd Shute farm, Somerset, which sleeps five and is within easy reach of the city of Bath - ideal for Christmas shopping.