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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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The camp cook was the most important part of a trail herd and was usually paid "double the dollar a day," to the cowhands.
Given a few days of freedom, it was not long before one cowhand challenged another to a calf-roping contest or dared him to ride "the meanest horse between here and the Rio Grande.
After riding over back roads lined by fields empty except for an occasional cowhand or cattle, they arrive at her house; the camera pulls back from the approaching travelers for a panoramic shot of a massive, Tudor-style mansion, replete with turret, stretched out on a manicured, golf course-size lawn.
WHAT began 56 years ago as a drama to educate the agricultural community, this week celebrated its 15,000th edition with the story of a farmer's wife on the verge of running off with the cowhand.
Ibanez painted a slightly more casual relationship between another of his young converso friends, Samuel de Vergara, and Vergara's own compere, a local cowhand (fol.
Also, that nameless cowhand contracted some fast-acting venereal disease, wouldn't you say?
You feel like a real cowhand as you pick the broken twigs out of your clothes at the end of the day.
Before becoming a successful poet, he had numerous odd jobs, including cowhand, railroad worker, and ditch digger.
I had ridden horses in my youth, and I felt like a cowhand encountering his first Arabian after decades of riding crowbait from Kansas.
Coors Beer recently released an ad that showed a collage of real "empowered" women, including a firefighter, a professional dirt biker, surfer, cowhand and black belt karate instructor.
Proulx's panhandle, including the town of Woolybucket, where Bob settles, is filled with eccentric characters: Sheriff Hugh Dough and his aunts Ponola Dough and Dolly Cleat; blustering rival landowners Advance Slauter and Francis Scott Keister; ninety-year-old former cowhand Rope Butt; the mail carrier Doll McJunkin; Dutch immigrant Habakuk van Melkebeerk; itinerant windmiller Daisy Boy Pocock; LaVon's son Coolbrooth Fronk; Freda Beautyrooms, Ace Crouch, Vera Twombley .
The actual cowhand of the 1860s to 1880s was most commonly a low-paid hired hand who withstood unending hard work and frequently had a short life expectancy, said art historian J.
Tenor Matthew Chellis (Ernesto) has a somewhat unusual vocal timbre, but he employed his clear, if somewhat unsubtle, sound to good comic effect as the cowhand nephew.
Joe related his many years of hard work, including his job as a cowhand.