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The Cowgirls like Straus Family Creamery butter from nearby Tomales Bay, but any butter is fine.
Of course, to make it perfect you need a bit of Goth thrown in and The Cowgirls have a song about Pere Lachaise - Paris's largest cemetery and surprisingly bluesy Dead Will Rise that sounds more Stone Roses than zombie howl.
As for Yam, her experience as a cowgirl, even for a single day, has given her a different appreciation of life in a ranch and, most especially, a deeper sense of respect for the cowboys and cowgirls who tirelessly take care of the animals there.
The quality of the hats is exceptional but they are reasonably priced as compared to similar Western hats so cowgirls can make the most of their money.
The beginning of the end came about for the real American cowgirls when champion rider Bonnie McCarroll, who had performed for President Calvin Coolidge, was killed in the rodeo ring at the Pendleton Roundup in 1929.
Stanford includes a glossary of trick-riding terms, websites "where cowgirls go to shop," a list of rodeos and fairs in North America, and suggested further reading.
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) The forgotten: little-known k.
Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips: True Tales From The Long X, Long S, And Spade Ranches is an revealing and entertaining compendium of information on everything that makes a true modern cowboy from the perspective of by Doris McClellan.
Great stuff The Riverboat Gamblers, The New Bomb Turks, The Hives, Lazy Cowgirls, Turbo AC's, Hellacopters, Nomads, and others.
Each set includes four 4" x 4", cork-backed coasters featuring pictures of cowgirls posing with their trusty steeds.
Opening up a lingerie shop seems like a logical step to reflect on the conflicts endemic to an era cohabited by happy homemakers and gun-toting cowgirls.
She added, "We love cowgirls everywhere--especially those who appreciate excellent ingredients and our original approach to skin health and natural beauty.
Fourteen-year-old Texas cowgirls Annie Sharon Johnson-Brown and her sister, Lucie-Marie, 12, have the rodeo in their blood.
However, the Joffrey's alternate Cowgirls, Kaschock or Deanne Brown, are hardly unattractive, and the heartbreak element was missing from what was a purely joyous ballet.