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He said: "I regularly hold school and library events linked to my book Cowgirl.
The recipe is based on one in Cowgirl Creamery Cooks.
Smith also acts as a historical consultant for her expertise on the 19th-century cowboy and cowgirl.
Former cowgirl Emily Bridges (left) has started her own alternative therapy business with help from Louise Humm from Cadwyn Clwyd
Cowgirl goes into the waiting room to introduce herself to the men, then goes away to get ready.
This is very exciting for us, as Asian women are eager for knowledge about natural skin care and are enchanted with the American cowgirl," said Alexis Mayne, president, The Cowgirl Company.
The whole cowgirl look reflects the idea of no rules and in some respects being comfortable with what you are.
In the cowgirl display, Burgess links how the public viewed Aboriginal women as masculine, wild and savage with the cowgirls who rode on bareback and looked and dressed like men.
Pink Sheets: MVBY), a public children's apparel company, announced today an alliance with Cowgirl Couture - to market, sell and support the company's products complementary to MVBY's own designs.
Lotter pens adventure-filled tale surrounding Christian cowgirl, Amy, and friends
Alice From Dallas" is a rip-roaring, tootin' tootin' cowgirl showdown saga about two girls with similar cowgirl interests who meet, begin in rivalry, and end as good friends.
New York, October 8 ( ANI ): The famous New York City Naked Cowgirl has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Naked cowboy, to stop him from using cowgirl "imposters" in his act.
But Velasco's cowgirls, based on the real women who rode nearly a century ago, live on in songs such as "Rodeo Life" and "Cowgirl Cute.
uk/hpv LASSO yourself some cowgirl clobber, as MARIE TURBILL checks out this season's wild west fashion.