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Synonyms for cower

Synonyms for cower

crouch or curl up


Related Words

show submission or fear

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A WOMAN cowers as a bank robber holds a gun to the back of her head.
EASTENDERS' womaniser Max Branning cowers in the bedroom with Stacey.
First Wellard gets put to sleep, then Jase gets battered to death while Billy cowers in the shower.
She must have suffered agonising pain and two weeks on, she still cowers in terror whenever men come near her.
Big leads vanish, bad teams push them around, games are lost at the buzzer and no one cowers when they take the court.
Our cat just cowers in the corner - his name is Pusscat but we've started calling him Woosscat.
RINGED Girl cowers as Lin gestures but he is tackled while trying to escape