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Synonyms for cower

Synonyms for cower

crouch or curl up


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show submission or fear

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Shots were then fired into the cowering mass of bodies, the video showed.
99) Pink rose coloured and scented cowering in autumn.
A cowering press is also essential; a quivering mass of overpaid pontificators has been put in place by a 35-year-long assault on serious journalism that began in the 1970s with Vice President Spiro T.
But if co-workers are cowering away from you, do a self check If you find your odor out of the ordinary, keep soap, a washcloth, deodorant, as well as a toothbrush and paste, handy to handle it.
A driver found stabbed at the wheel of his car with his sister cowering in the back may have been trying to get to hospital, it is believed.
Eileen Harrison found her pet Ginger cowering under a neighbour's car after finding the ear on the doormat of her Page Moss home.
They slowed it down, zoomed in on the cowering juniors in numbered jerseys looking like teenaged Prisoners of Whatever.
Fletcher's young daughter, found cowering in an upstairs room, too frightened to speak.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi received Monday this year's top prize for memorable catchphrases with six noted, including ''100 sacks of rice,'' and ''no fear, no cowering, no clinging.
Francis Xavier, whose cowering body, bent at right angles, evoked the three-part cubic structure placed before him.
Cynically ascribing the worst motives possible, she suggests the Holy See's efforts at various UN conferences to solve problems in the light of reason and the Gospel are really attempts to delay consenus on global issues out of a cowering fear of feminism.
She sometimes appeared to be a frightened bird, skittering into a corner and cowering beneath the feathers; sometimes she fleetingly exposed herself as a woman; sometimes she danced, partnering her wing; sometimes she stood stock-still, a statue on a pedestal; always she was consummately persuasive.
The most recent issue (September 18-24, 2004) of The Economist shows a cowering Uncle Sam pulling a slot machine-like lever with a title that reads, "No way to run a democracy.
A COWERING monkey fears a whipping from his trainer - for falling off a bike in a circus training session.
When she's not clutching a hot water bottle, she's cowering under a puffa jacket to keep the cold at bay.