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  • verb

Synonyms for cower

Synonyms for cower

crouch or curl up


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show submission or fear

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98) These dwarf Iris will cower in late winter to early spring producing large cowers on dwarf stems.
It's an adjustment because at this level the kids kind of cower down if you yell too much, so I've been trying to watch myself,'' he said.
so why doesn't he move really slowly and cower under bathroom furniture?
Because this is a small oil cower operating costs and, thus a higher profit my oil industry through the use of its innovative steam and thermal gas injection technologies.
He is seen running towards the dogs as they squabble over a dead pheasant, his face twisted with fury, waving his stick as the dogs cower with terror.
It's better to fight and lose than to cower in the corner.
The 14-year-old forced one woman to cower in fear in her kitchen and left other people in tears as she caused havoc in the Abbey Hey area of Manchester, leading a group in racist abuse, criminal damage and intimidation.
If the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Department of Health Services that oversee it had only chosen to take forthright action rather than cower.
Downing Street insisted the timetable covering climate change and Africa would go ahead as planned - and that the G8 would not cower in the face of terrorism.
Someone who spent his first nine months fighting for space and subsistence in Grady Mae Grant's womb and struggled for most of his childhood to separate himself from his mirror image isn't likely to cower in the presence of Portland's rugged Cascades Range of a frontcourt or bristle at ceding the spotlight to Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.
No longer should innocents have to cower in terror as they are marched through a hail of stones, bombs and abuse.
Or maybe small children who cower and wail at each ka-BOOM?