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Synonyms for cucumber

a melon vine of the genus Cucumis

cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable

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Even when soon afterwards, diet reform swept over the colonies and "simple, natural, plain foods" were recommended (as well as eating less meat), the cucumber had difficulty shedding its bad reputation: "Fit only for consumption by cows", by which came the name cowcumber.
Watercress sallet with cowcumber and violet vinagre or delicious spinnage pye
Tis comfortable enough here for rough folk; but we don't live in a cowcumber frame.
He ventures, unsubstantiated, the view that books were read communally in the Victorian household |since reading aloud was still preferred to private, silent reading' (84), and appears to be unaware that cowcumber was an acceptable usage for cucumber and not a Dickensian coinage which reinforces his argument that |the world of nature proves quite conspicuously susceptible to the changes and mischances of speech' (77).
The menu includes a 1st Remove of spinnage pye or watercress sallet with cowcumber and violet vinagre, followed by a 2nd Remove, a spit-roasted suckling pigge which is paraded before being served, accompanied by hodgepodge, petitoes roasted with apples, turnep root pudding and mead glazed cerrets.