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an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track

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Off the loco went, steaming down another absurd siding with his captive listener desperately clinging to the cowcatcher of common sense.
Almost since the invention of trains, a device called the cowcatcher has been added to or built on the front of the train to act as a deflector and to push up and out of the way anything that the train might encounter on the track.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 4 F type, 4G type , 4 H type quarters, Boundrywall, Cowcatcher, Dirilling of tube well, Paver Block, at CHC Baihar District Balaghat
The unidentified worker suffered a leg injury when he was briefly trapped under the cowcatcher of the train's engine, police said.
This design can be likened in appearance and function to the cowcatchers placed on locomotives.
As a kid I loved Casey Jones (steamin' and a rollin') and it was a real treat to see the vintage 19th century engines with giant smoke stacks and cowcatchers.
SAN ANTONIO -- A 20-minute drive north on Highway 281 from the San Antonio Airport leads beef lovers to Cowcatchers Steaks Restaurant in Bulverde - San Antonio's newest Hill Country destination.
Cowcatchers serves only Angus rib-eyes cooked over an open mesquite fire.
Two years later, Cowcatchers opened its rustic doors.
Cowcatchers also showcases an outdoor chuck wagon and live longhorns for guests to feed.