cowboy hat

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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown

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And Kaci Riggs, director of product development at HatCo, a manufacturer of Stetson hats, said cowboy hats are "a nod to adventure and to grit.
Founded in 1915 in Houston, Texas, the brand has grown to a world known cowboy hat preferred by rodeo champions, working cowboys, ranchers and Texas lawmen.
Alex Bozman, prosecuting: "Mr Kearns came out of the store holding a tub of chocolates and a very distinctive cowboy hat.
Her CMA Awards co-host Brad Paisley partnered with Boot Barn this month to release a line of clothes called Moonshine Spirit, featuring jeans, boots, cowboy hats and T-shirts for young men, which he describes as the perfect outfit for attending a country concert.
The Oscar winning star had donned the cowboy hat in five major 1960's Westerns films namely 'The Comancheros' , 'McLintock
The girl who had the idea, 10-year-old Faye Edemenson, came to school on Monday dressed in a cowboy hat.
ITN's political editor Tom Bradby, who writes novels in his spare time "I should know better about cowboy hats, unless there's a really cute guy underneath the hat"
Richard Soutar, defending, said Hush suffered paranoia and approached the girl because he thought she commented on his cowboy hat.
Burck has sued Mars because towering over the streets where he roams are two large animated billboards showing a bouncing, scantily clad blue MUM with a white guitar and cowboy hat.
When it comes to hats you have to invest in a straw cowboy hat.
U2 wanted to fly Bono over the heads of the audience in a huge cowboy hat during a live show, the singer revealed this week.
Do take: Airtight, fashionable goggles; de rigueur cowboy hat and sarong combo; dust-proof plastic bags for all clothes, cameras, etc.
Hat's her: Keira in cowboy hat with Jamie and, below, as she is in the film
The cover, featuring a cowboy hat, pencils, and paper flying through the air, riddled by bullets, sums up this rollicking tale nicely.
Mingle with people dedicated to the cowboy lifestyle and business people seeking just a Stetson cowboy hat or a pair of jeans, which Cavender's carries in all styles and colors.