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a small town in a cattle-raising area of western North America


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This was a fading cow town when a few eyes-to-the-skies businessmen helped transform Wichita into the largest city in Kansas and a major aviation manufacturing hub.
org, often recognized as a stagecoach stop, a cow town and the home to President Eisenhower offers unique and entertaining Christmas and holiday activities for the entire family.
JP King Auction Company, a US-based real estate auction company specialising in high-value properties, has announced a real estate auction of the Old Cow Town Ranch in Saguache, US.
THE STORY: It is 1878, and John Henry "Doc" Holliday, a dapper young gentleman from Griffin, Georgia, has made a name for himself in the boisterous and volatile cow town of Dodge City, Kansas, as a skilled dentist and an even more skilled gambler.
But so far on a psychological and ethereal basis it makes as much sense for this old Cow Town as mad cow disease.
Its claim to fame, aside from being the largest city in the county and having a cow town history, is that it sits on a historic (and still working) section of the famed Route 66.
We bring you this nugget because it appears we need to become at least somewhat familiar with the quaint cow town on the West Texas plains.
From cow town to mob town to entertainment mecca, Las Vegas has a most unusual history filled with equally unusual events.
The city began where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet and exploded from a cow town to a city in the last 50 years due to oil discoveries.
We share shopping privileges at a local Cariboo-Chilcotin cow town and normally only get to visit at funerals and on town day.
Almost everyone who has read gun magazines for any length of time can remember the reports many years ago telling about someone's ratty looking old Colt Peacemaker lettering to none other than Kansas cow town lawman Bat Masterson.
I got off a tour bus when Denver was a sleepy cow town," he recalls.
It can come as a bit of a surprise because you don't really think of Denver as a cow town anymore," says Chris Dann, spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
Barr, whose "Care for Cow Town Air," is one of the profiles in the report, spoke about the need to involve city employees in the process of promoting clean air.