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a barn for cows

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Neighbours brought in a digger and cleared out the cow shed of manure, laid gravel for a driveway then helped Linda and others to insulate the shed to make it wind and water tight and an electrician wired it up with power.
The Cow Shed is a stylish and versatile family home providing contemporary living.
The story of a family's migration from New Zealand to a former cow shed (with associated smells) in Botswana, Robyn Scott's debut is great at showing how geographic shifts impact everything, from who it is socially acceptable to dance with to how you feel about your own skin.
The unusual idea was formed at the Cow Shed restaurant near Banchory after local chefs were challenged to develop a unique dish to help mark the launch of this year's Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Venison Festival.
A solar powered cow shed with 1,000 panels will provide enough electricity to meet the demand of 40 households - and will help power the huge stage sets of Beyonce, U2 and Coldplay.
A courtyard provides entrance to the main house, as well as an excellent range of outbuildings comprising of a garage, store, barn, stable, cow shed and two-storey hay barn (planning permission has been granted to convert part of this area to holiday accommodation).
That's what artist Manjunath Kamath used to do on the walls of the cow shed at his ancestral home in Mangalore whenever he went there on vacations.
SHONA O'Brien and her fianc Vincent McCarthy have transformed an old cow shed into a stunning country home.
Helen was a waitress at the former Gendron's Bakery and the former Cow Shed both in Westborough.
Formerly an old cow shed on a small plot, the building was a wreck when they bought it for pounds 40,000 in 2003, but they could see the potential it had to be a great getaway holiday home.
The stables below it served as a dairy and cow shed.
That Jesus was born in a cow shed, that he was a refugee even in his infant days, that he was son of a carpenter and that he died as a common criminal are central themes that Asian theology speaks to when proclaiming Christianity.
I've also used it on my cow shed and my feed/garden shed.
The center would replace the ceramics building that is an old cow shed, which is inadequate and unsafe, O'Donnell said.