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fecal matter of a cow


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Pass the last slice of cow pie - Desperate Dan has gone virtual.
Retail analysts believe the trademark move signals plans to market Desperate Dan's famous cow pies in supermarkets.
Owner Pete Towler outside the Mad O'Rourke's Pie 'n' Grill in Camp Hill, Wordsley, and (right) with one of his Desperate Dan Cow Pies.
In time, the legendary cow pies arrived, horns sticking up out of the pastry, along with Aunt Aggie (who made em), lookalike nephew Danny and niece Katey.
They scratch in the cow pies looking for fly larvae, breaking up the mass and encouraging new growth.
It's what I'll come to think of as the smell of a dead city, like dried cow pies and mold with a stinging chemical aftertaste.
And the year after that, in the pastureland across the road, Target and Home Depot pop up like mushrooms among the cow pies.
Desperate Dan's diet caught on in the Midlands, where one firm sold 1,300 cow pies every day in 15 pubs.
I've been hunting on public lands in Colorado for several years now and am tired of cattle trampling my camp, having to tiptoe around cow pies and having cattle ruin my stalks and rancher-cowboys whooping and hollering in every canyon rounding up cows.
Scooter and I have bounced over the Caribou turf dodging cow pies and picked huckleberries at a subalpine lake below the Kootenay's Kokanee Glacier.
And that doesn't mean the cow pies devoured by Desperate Dan in The Dandy.
Twosomes, composed of one adult and one youth, will shoot through brush, rocks, gopher holes and cow pies.
Which strongman cartoon comic character eats cow pies with the horns left in?
THE famous Mad O'Rourke's Desperate Dan cow pies are making a big comeback as a pub owner takes the bull by the horns.
Don't know if the Rangers player eats huge cow pies for breakfast, lunch and supper but he certainly has the Dandy character's chin and perennial stubble.