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a pen for cattle

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On the other side of the cow pen, a cluster of Canadians take pictures and listen as Halima's parents, Hasan Mkitage and Nuru Salumu, talk through an interpreter about how the cow they received in 2013, as part of a development program supported by the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), has affected their lives.
Demi attends Tynedale Middle in Cow pen, Blyth, while her younger brother is at nearby Morpeth Road First School, but they both miss 50-60% of their schooling through a combination of appointments with the doctor and illness.
There is a brick stable block/single storey barn measuring around 70ft by 13ft - two brick stables and a large, former cow pen with original feeding trough - a further two brick stable blocks and a small brick store.
I moved the pigs to the last cow pen and let them start the rooting
He said that they had been checking live animals and cow pens to ensure that they were in compliance with health and safety standards and had to remove several in recent weeks for being in violation.
Botley Hill Farm Barns comprises a courtyard of traditional agricultural buildings including the cart shed and cow pens, dairy, old forge and bull pens, stable block with six loose boxes and tack room plus fodder barns.
His study examines the correlation between enclosed landscapes, high status compounds, and concentrations of metalwork deposition and demonstrates the importance of large-scale animal husbandry in the mixed farming regimes through analysis of field systems with droveways, stock proof fencing, watering holes, cow pens, sheep races, and gateways for stockhandling.
Herd Grouping and Housing Req's, 2 Barns, D-12P Smith Family Final Herd Size # sites 1 # barns 2 Pens/barn 4 Milk cow pens 8 Cows/pen 72 Stocking Rate Stalls/pen 68 106% Self-locks/pen 72 100% Milk cows in pens 576 Main parlor type Parallel Number milk stalls 24 Contaminated-milk parlor stalls 0 # weeks close-up hfrs housed 6 Expected turnover rate 35% Close-up hfrs (% of total herd) 4% Milking Capacity % of # Exp'd Cows/ Min/ Exp'd Marketable Milk Cows Milking Cows Turns Hr Group Time Healthy cows 92% 576 5 120 36 4.
Visitors bearing flowers and baked goods navigate cow pats as they stroll past the noisy cow pens and into Barbara Carlton's embrace.