cow pasture

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a pasture for cows

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police said, deputies confronted Crook as he attempted to run west across a cow pasture in the 81000 block of Davisson Road.
Surprisingly, the females were frequently mating on the pomace, and with males that were significantly smaller in size than those found in the cow pasture.
Wells and a windmill, limestone quarries where once men gouged out the stone, all etched in ink and the fields around my cottage named: Wheat Riggs, Bottle Banks, Gin Quarter, Old Cow Pasture, Kings Chambers.
This isn't bad for a district with 120 students in one school sandwiched between a cow pasture and fields of hay.
I found the hospital tent in the dark by following the sound of the generators powering lights and essential medical equipment inside the small network of tents that formed an impromptu hospital in an E1 Salvadorian cow pasture.
Perhaps it was Denby's famous cow pasture that saved the village.
In an emotional speech, she thanked actor William H Macy, saying: "I would like to thank the incomparable William H Macy for taking a chunky 22year-old with a bad perm and glasses out into a cow pasture and kissing me and making me his wife.
We took off from his cow pasture, and my life has never been the same,'' Pearson said.
Books on Medjugorje have been devoured by American Catholics, thousands who were willing to travel overseas to a cow pasture in search of Mary.
Certainly people threading through paths and looking at birds are less of a problem than people cutting down forests to put in a cow pasture or a corn field.
A collection of tar-papered barracks in a cow pasture wasn't my idea of campers' paradise.
The Piper Cub two-seater was hit by a gust of wind as it took off and crashed into a cow pasture.
In July 1998, a migrant worker in Northern California lured two men, a woman, and the woman's son and daughter into a cow pasture, where he had prepared a grave site 2 weeks earlier.
Messages can be retrieved and calls returned from a 3-foot-square building on the far side of a cow pasture.
There were a number of cow pasture courses that blacks maintained.