cow parsnip

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tall coarse plant having thick stems and cluster of white to purple flowers

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The understory is rife with sword ferns, false lily-of-the-valley, miner's lettuce and cow parsnip.
THE BEAR WAS STILL actively feeding in an open area full of cow parsnip, no more than 400 yards from us.
June 2: Some flowers of early June in the nation's midsection: poison hemlock, common cinquefoil, sulfur cinquefoil, red, yellow and white clovers, angelica, ragwort, black raspberries, meadow goat's beard, sweet rocket, fire pink, wild geranium, ground ivy, columbine, white campion, common fleabane, golden Alexander, tallbuttercups, corn salad, cow parsnip, field parsnip, black medic, Miami mist, smooth-leafed dock, spiderwort, Solomon's plume, clustered snakeroot, daisies, maple waterleaf, and late sedum.
The annual spring thaw brings back the prehistoric look--succulent new greenery dappled with the colour of blooming orchids; sundew, butterwort, and other carnivorous plants lying in wait for mosquitoes and blackflies; and hairy cow parsnip taller than a one-horned monoclonius.