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coarse erect biennial Old World herb introduced as a weed in eastern North America

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Cow parsley, or Anthriscus sylvestris, has a host of common names - a sure sign it's a well-loved plant.
I've not been involved in the Chelsea Flower Show this year but I was reminded of it when I observed the roadside verges full of cow parsley which has long been a favourite of show garden designers at this time of year.
This cow parsley has deep purple-black foliage that will add depth to a white garden.
Cow parsley, including Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing', has branching stems loaded with heads of fluffy flowers and a pink form of a British native, Pimpinella major 'Rosea' comes into its own in June.
Whether your garden is in deepest shade or brightest sun, on heavy clay or freedraining sand, there will be a selection Carol with cow parsley that will thrive and provide much-needed sustenance.
Aggressive, nutrient-demanding species such as stinging nettles and cow parsley have to give way here to more delicate plants.
A highly scented shrub rose with good disease resistance from rose breeder Harkness, it looked outstanding amongst some billowy romantic planting of Pimpinella Major rosea and Ammi Majus, both types of cow parsley.
A close relative of Cow Parsley, Giant Hogweed (pictured) originates from Southern Russia and Georgia.
Related to umbels like cow parsley and carrots, they have highly decorative flowers with papery bracts and a pin-cushion of quivering stamens.
Now the hedges and woods are shimmering with flowers of cow parsley and elder.
Add cow parsley to your potato salad and goosegrass to soup, tuck into hawthorn spring pudding, sea beet tart and stewed milk thistle.
Their blue flower-heads, surrounded by a spiky ruff, put them in the same family as cow parsley, and herbs such as dill and fennel - but you'd never guess it to look demands a closer look.