cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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From now on, the presidential palace must be heated by burning dried cow dung in stoves.
Houses in the hilly region of Uttarakhand are traditionally made of wood and stones, plastered with a paste of cow dung and mud.
The photograph of one exhibit, pictured left, looks to me of sandbags ready to fall on to heaps of cow dung.
And several others who bought up to 2,000 invisible squares on a bingo-style grid alongside Betsy's manure won smaller prizes at Ireland's only cow dung festival.
Cow dung, it transpires, can shield you from nuclear radiation.
Tracy and her kids are understandably upset to leave their luxury lodge for a hut made of cow dung and infested with cockroaches.
The Brooks family have trouble adjusting to the cockroach infested huts made of cow dung but spend the week experiencing the culture of this unique tribe.
According to Umm Hammad a resident, some people burn the animal wastes including cow dung which creates a strong stench that pollutes the environment.
Summary: SHAHAAT, Libya: A toga-clad statue that would be a prize museum piece elsewhere lies half buried among cow dung at the ancient Greek city of Cyrene in eastern Libya, where the country's wealth in antiquities has suffered decades of neglect.
Cow dung and other garbage can also be recycled to produce energy, he added.
Fresh cow dung was collected in a poly bag and zipped immediately to keep it away from air contact.
The scientists at the university in Gibbet Hill Road, Gibbet Hill, Coventry, are experimenting with using hi tech gas sensors normally used for testing car components to test blood, urine and cow dung.
The ability of some agricultural by- products to adsorb heavy metals from wastewater and aqueous metals solution has been reported in literature and these include: cow dung, cotton seed hulls, rice straw, and sugarcane bagasse, cassava and Yam peels, Paper Pulp and maize cobs.
The ash used in the study was prepared by burning dried cow dung.