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a barn for cows

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Vicky and Peter have designed the Old Cow Barn also as a means of informing visitors about traditional production methods, and it includes a market passage and walkway with huge picture windows through which visitors can see artisans at work.
Andigen's digester is a modern, vertical design called an Induced Blanket Reactor (IBR), and resembles a small silo attached to Jennissen's cow barn.
The cow barn was converted into a studio, and Shawn installed the big mirrors and barres from his Westport place.
She refused to take up residence in his home, insisting upon making a niche in the cow barn her dwelling.
Some labs - a former Army barracks or converted cow barn - never were more than makeshift.
Rohde of L-Plan Lighting Design with the first-ever GE Edison Award for Residential Lighting in recognition of his work transforming an 85-year old cow barn into affluent living quarters.
The Cre8 Barn at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Stirley Community Farm, Hall Bower, is the Retrofit Projects winner in the prestigious UK Passivhaus Awards 2015 Bolster Moor firm Green Building Store designed and refurbished the derelict cow barn, transforming it into an eco-friendly educational centre and space.
There is also a secondary barn with 10 horse stalls and a cow barn with all-wood construction.
It is performed at the Underbelly's E4 Cow Barn until August 26 (not 15) at 2.
The former cow barn in the hamlet of Brampton Bryan has undergone a pounds 100,000 redevelopment to become the new home of Aardvark Books.
In the last four years she's relocated her family from London to the Brecon Beacons, renovated a draughty cow barn into a home for her husband and three children, and set up her own company, designing accessories for women and their homes.
Torgersen Island, Antarctica, with its thousands of squawking, flipper-flapping penguins, combines the pungent odor of a cow barn with the sound levels of a hip-hop concert.
The pioneering low energy refurbishment - including a super-insulated timber frame structure built inside the existing stone barn building - was undertaken by Bolster Moor-based Passivhaus experts Green Building Store and has transformed a derelict cow barn into an eco-friendly educational centre.
The Moffitts hosted their first wedding for 200 at Vallum last year, and the function spaces in the Cow Barn will enhance their offering to couples who want a country wedding in a breathtaking location with superb local food.