cow's head

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a morel with the ridged and pitted fertile portion attached to the stipe for about half its length

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He came in despair having toured 100 butchers shops in the fruitless quest for the vitally necessary cow's head.
The farmer's family rounded up the herd into a holding pen and we managed to gently pull the ladder off the cow's head.
It was just incredible to be on the farm milking the animals in the morning and in the afternoon to stand this close to somebody putting a gun to a cow's head, then bang, the cow drops to its knees," he said.
The head of the cow is more like a hat perched on top of his head inside the cow's head, looking out the slit cut into the cow's throat.
A Malaysian court on Tuesday fined 12 Muslim men and sentenced one to a week in jail for participating in a protest over a Hindu temple that involved a cow's head.
Damien Hirst won in 1995 with a rotting cow's head and 1998 winner Chris Ofilie painted with elephant dung.
The protestors paraded a severed, bloodied cow's head in the street, then spat and stomped on it.
Twelve Muslims have been charged in Malaysia after parading a severed cow's head in a protest against the planned relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood.
Prakash urged the police to arrest and charge those responsible for the cow's head protest.
Cows exploited for dairy are subjected to a dehorner that scoops, gouges, or cuts horns from a cow's head.
By John Pancake KIEV, Ukraine-Almost 20 years after he first created it, Damien Hirst's "A Thousand Years" still has the power to shock: A sleek steel and glass box containing a severed cow's head, a pool of blood, live maggots and flies, sugar, water and an Insect-O-Cutor that electrocutes unwary insects after they've gorged on flesh.
A geometric structure frames a village scene with overlapping images: a green-faced man with a cap, his hand holding a flowering sprig, stares directly at a cow's head.
Saatchi reportedly had fallen in love with Hirst's work after seeing A Thousand Years, an installation featuring a rotting cow's head, flies, and a bug zapper.
The pairing of unlikely animals in the pictures especially amused him, like the chicks on the cow's head or the parakeet on the dog's nose.
His rotting cow's head won him the 1995 Turner Prize.