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Synonyms for covetously

with jealousy

in a greedy manner

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Then you may start eyeing local boulders covetously, wondering how you might move and stack them yourself.
For example, when a girl finishes her meal and though still hungry, does not covetously look to her mother's portion and shout 'imu
117), a parallel that is only verbal since it is now not in coin but in kind: "And by and by, / Covetously, / he supped hyt fayre up" (ll.
Or is she covetously clinging on to the honour of being our last Wimbledon champion?
As is traditional in goblin weddings, Elsbury will be required at all times to refer covetously to his bride as "my precious".
But there's nothing more likely to get on my pip than having to spend time with anyone nice: while I watch covetously, a friend being outrageously entertained by some irascible monster woofing down too much wine and leering at everyone else's wives before launching into a remarkably detailed account of an encounter that he had I AM HEARTILY REASSURED, AS I LOOK MY THAT I MANAGED TO WEED OUT ALL ,,,, THE NICE ONES, WE ARE RELATIVELY YOUNG some years previously in the back of a Hillman Imp.
The real danger is that there will be those in Whitehall and the large cities of England who will already be gazing covetously at our Mid Wales valleys with their sparse populations and large hydraulic heads.
Admitting he looked covetously at a couple of Essex's young talents, Blake said now is certainly not the time to be dipping into the transfer market.
The Japanese lost face in a way they would never forget and, in the late nineteenth century, with China weakened, they again looked covetously at the Korean Peninsula, eventually taking full control over it in the early 1900s.
Global warming is predictable when individuals covetously take forests for their individual purposes.
In the film "Jezebel" (1938), for example, Bette Davis's character Julie challenged southern "ideals of chaste womanhood" to her own peril when she wore a red dress to the ball after her maid, played by the lovely Theresa Harris, had eyed it covetously.
Covetously, Saxon convinces Terminus to sell him the stone and the ruby farm.
Clorox has been eyeing the natural-care market covetously, since sales rose from $2 to $6.
For six years he worked as a barman in the Ship Hotel, Aberdaron, gazing covetously across the road at Ty Newydd Hotel, which looked out across Aberdaron beach and had seen better days.
Back home in England he produced the painting, O the Roast Beef of Old England, in which three starveling French soldiers gaze at the steak in hungry amazement and a fat friar prods it covetously with his finger.