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Synonyms for covetous

Synonyms for covetous

resentfully or painfully desirous of another's advantages

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Synonyms for covetous

showing extreme cupidity

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immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

References in classic literature ?
I called her cruel, ungrateful, false, thankless, but above all covetous, since the wealth of my enemy had blinded the eyes of her affection, and turned it from me to transfer it to one to whom fortune had been more generous and liberal.
It was often rumoured that he was to be turned out and his cottage pulled down, but somehow it never came to pass; and his pigs and cow went grazing on the common, and his geese hissed at the passing children and at the heels of the horse of my lord's steward, who often rode by with a covetous eye on the inclosure still unmolested.
how each of thy virtues is covetous of the highest place; it wanteth thy whole spirit to be ITS herald, it wanteth thy whole power, in wrath, hatred, and love.
He stood in the revealing night--in the darkness that tries the hearts, in the night useless for the work of men, but in which their gaze, undazzled by the sunshine of covetous days, wanders sometimes as far as the stars.
The most covetous, griping miser in the world would have been cured of the vice of covetousness if he had been in my case; for I possessed infinitely more than I knew what to do with.
Ill-treating the boys, you covetous, avaricious, in-sa-ti-a-ble old fence?
But I would not wish to be deemed covetous, and I would rather leave it to you, Mr Boffin.
I got so much money by my first adventure, and such an insight into the method of getting more, that had I been twenty years younger, I should have been tempted to have stayed here, and sought no farther for making my fortune; but what was all this to a man upwards of threescore, that was rich enough, and came abroad more in obedience to a restless desire of seeing the world than a covetous desire of gaining by it?
Dear, dear,' said Arabella, taking up the defence, 'what is the use of asking all that now, especially when you know you had set your covetous old heart on a richer son-in-law, and are so wild and fierce besides, that everybody is afraid of you, except me?
The covetous award has been presented to young people from countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
Hydraulic and oil resources must be protected from covetous Israel if we are to enjoy a long-standing 2000 liberation, the Druze cleric concluded.
Golfers (average or otherwise) beware: there's a council near you with a covetous eye on your golf club.
There is nothing wrong with people working in the sex industry and lots of people choose it as their occupation and that should be their prerogative Trevor Boggis THIS is not about inadequate finance, it's about students wanting the lifestyle and money of the working population- a covetous philosophy promoted by successive Labour administrations.
POEM OF THE DAY important that you know, Queuing at the foodbank door, freezing in the snow, Yes Mr Cameron, you're such an important toff, You and your covetous cronies, snouts deep in the gravy trough, Oh Mr Cameron your importance not denied, But all throughout your premiership you've cynically lied, So Mr Cameron importance, is it good?
ere's little that's glamorous, exciting or which will elicit covetous glances from your neighbours but sometimes what you need is something utterly dependable, wholly practical, incredibly easy to drive and which serves to make the business of buying and running a car as painless as possible.