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  • verb

Synonyms for covet

long for


Synonyms for covet

to feel envy towards or for

to have a strong longing for

Words related to covet

wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person)

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Known for only featuring emerging and covetable brands, Gloss48 provides their members with stellar promotional deals and access to hidden beauty gems in the marketplace.
before splurging on that absolutely covetable set of clubs, make sure
EMMA JOHNSON picks out some covetable clothes hitting the high street soon ?
The company explained that it would not be launching a new covetable 'It' bag at fashion week.
com | Leather trim pea coat PS350 and leather wrap skirt PS299, at Jaeger | Laser butterfly dress PS299, arrow necklace PS25 from Hobbs | Ernie textured coat PS85, PU panel hoodie PS40 and PU skirt PS22, heels PS55 at River Island | PU jacket PS55, slip PS38, both Topshop | Coat PS35, leather-look top PS10 and skirt PS10, shoes PS14 and necklace PS8, all from Primark courts covetable Very PS38, Very.
This season women's crop tops, dungarees, and kimonos are among the most covetable women's styles.
Celebrate the beauty of individuality this spring with Pandora's covetable, hand-finished jewellery
Initially moving to London to become an accountant, mundane number-crunching soon took a backseat and she quickly became known for her enviable collection of the season's most covetable pieces, all styled in her own unique way.
More than recognition of her talent for designing covetable clothes or for marketing them, this award marks the week when Victoria will not be considered as an amateur anymore.
Designed to suit 21st century living in all its guises, the new model takes all the strengths of its predecessor and simply adds more, creating a covetable car for discerning drivers - whatever their lifestyle.
Functional, practical and oh-so-cosy, there are so many styles to choose from, like schoolboy stripes, pretty prints, '30s-inspired slinky satin petticoat slips or highly covetable Shanghai Tang pieces.
The trend factor is very much visible in covetable pieces such as a skirt with floral prints, a striped grey pantsuit, khaki jodhpurs, and a pair of wide-legged pants.
For this reason alone, Palmers House in Ludlow's Mill Street conservation area, is in a covetable position.
Perhaps it's not surprising because designers have embraced and lavished care on sofa bodies making them appealing, comfortable and covetable.