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a letter sent along with other documents to provide additional information


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How you write your CV and covering letter is up to you, but there are some basic rules to follow if you want to create the best impression.
And don't be worried if this is your first CV - you'll soon have a professional CV and covering letter ready to be sent out and get you interviews.
My covering letter could go on to say that I'd greatly appreciate it if you would be courteous enough to call/email me with details of why I didn't get the position.
My covering letters now read: "To whom it may concern.
While a covering letter also needs to be concise by definition, it should contain more information than "please final my resume attached.
These are the attributes they should portray in their resume and covering letter.
The purpose of the covering letter is to introduce yourself and make the employer aware that you are applying for the position.
If you are sending out several covering letters, tailor them to the jobs.
But the amount of time it takes to write a covering letter anda brand newCVcan take quite a sizeable chunk out of your valuable time, so if you're applying for a new job, an alternative plan is called for.
All you need to do is set out a rough CV containing core points and put together a skeleton covering letter, too.
John Franklin, recruitment expert of Select Appointments in Liverpool, says: ``People spend a lot of time polishing their CV and are then really slapdash with the covering letter, and as a result let down their whole application.
If a reference number is quoted in the job advert, make sure you put this on the covering letter and also on the outside of the envelope.
Writing successful covering letters for unsolicited submissions to academic journals.
Q I heard that employers don't want covering letters any more as people are just downloading them from the internet and changing a few words.