covered wagon

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a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top

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Overnight 18-mile covered wagon trips (you can ride a horse or bump along in the wagon) depart at 6 PM, return by 9 AM.
One thing led to another, and Bud, who usually gives poetry readings in the back of the covered wagon, was doing just that on the stage where the late country and western singer Johnny Paycheck sang his hit song "Take This Job and Shove it.
The sub-committee granted extended hours to the Covered Wagon, in Yardley Wood Road, in June last year, allowing the pub to open until midnight every night and until 2am on special occasions.
Becki Knowlton, of Creswell, won honorable mention for her photo of a covered wagon at Farewell Bend State Park.
Matt Fairlee, a 10-year-old fifth-grader at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran School in West Hills, ran into a little trouble last week riding a covered wagon along the Oregon Trail.
Tenders are invited for Door Arrangement For Body Covered Wagon Type Bcnhl As Drawing No.
THE 1970s, thousands of families packed their and headed off in the modern equivalent of covered wagon, furniture removal vans, to new lives in the promised land of Runcorn Town.
A journey by covered wagon train takes the family to their land claims, along with many other immigrants from Scandinavia, Switzerland, Ireland, and England.
I stocked many trade ships' medicine chests and distributed wares by covered wagon.
It features 330 pieces, including real wood logs, a frontiersman figure, a buildable covered wagon, and two horses.
After the war he moved his family from Indiana to Emporia, Kansas by train, then came by covered wagon to Cowley County, Kansas where they homesteaded south of Dexter.
A covered wagon driven by a pioneer father and mother, drawn toward the rich farmlands of the Willamette Valley: This is the popular image of our state's origins, commemorated at the Oregon Trail museums in Baker City and Oregon City, and by the iconic license plates first issued in 1993.
So the situation we have now is a bewildered manager with no authority outside the confines of the dressing room, a diminishing squad, a director of football who should, in my opinion, be selling snake oil from the back of a covered wagon, and an owner being the complete antithesis of his successful private company persona.
Called an odometer, it was used for the first time on this date in 1847 by a Mormon pioneer named William Clayton, who was crossing the plains in a covered wagon.