covered bridge

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a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sides

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And southeast Indiana responds with an abundant array of outdoor attractions, including downhill skiing, covered bridges, two state parks and numerous town and county parks.
Covered bridge, historic structures (and one new one)
More experienced cyclists may continue onto the connected Covered Bridge Scenic Bikeway for a 36-mile loop back to the city center.
The nearly 150-year-old Sanborn Covered Bridge has drawn interest from history buffs who say it's rare in at least two respects: It's privately owned, while most of the estimated 750 covered bridges around the country are in municipal or county control.
Several Amish businesses, Victorian-era buildings and historic covered bridges add to the rural charm of the area.
See one of Missouri's oldest and most famous covered bridges near Laclede, Locust Creek Covered Bridge dates back to 1868.
The Town of Shelburne is accepting proposals for engineering services for a project to construct approximately 600 feet of 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk and two crosswalks along the western side of Vermont Route 7, extending south from the existing sidewalk near the Shelburne municipal complex to the existing sidewalk that terminates near the covered bridge as part of the Shelburne Museum.
The setting could hardly be more appealing: a country road takes you down through maple and fir trees along Cedar Creek, then across a covered bridge leading to an old mill.
Constructed in 1906-1908, the new building was rapidly dubbed 'la Cathedrale', and the covered bridge leading to it was nicknamed 'le Pont Hardi' (the daring bridge).
Nguyen Dinh An, who heads the Hoi An Society dedicated to the preservation of the town's old areas, said by telephone from Hoi An that the Lai Vien covered bridge was submerged up to its roof for several days.
learn about the history of one specific covered bridge in Parke County
Ticket holders at the $75 and $100 levels will get gambling scrip and the $100 ticket holders will be chauffeured from the parking area in a replica of an 1880s Wells Fargo stagecoach to a covered bridge that leads over a pond to the hall.
how to know a covered bridge is still in use = noise.
12 at the Covered Bridge Open over 8km at Boone, North Carolina.
The co- founder of the Covered Bridge Society of Oregon presents a historic photographic tour of these wooden structures--financed by tolls--constructed from the mid-1850s to the 1950s in 14 counties from Benton to Yamhill.