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concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public

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Yandy's mid-summer, one-day, event is a great way for consumers to see everything Yandy offers, including hot stylish new swimwear and cover-ups, dresses for all your summer events, and the sexy lingerie that has been heating things up for years.
But now the cover-up is unravelling as documents withheld from the jury are leaked.
THE extent and increasing globalised problem of paedophile priests and the institutional cover-up is now such an imminent bubbling tsunami that even most Catholics want the truth.
It should go without saying that the ultimate test will be whether the church addresses the cover-ups by church leaders that enabled abusers in Boston, Worcester and other dioceses across the country.
Harris quickly seemed to realize that cover-up was not the way to go, and in an about-face told People magazine that he was indeed a "content gay man.
The only cover-ups that used to exist for the general populus were beach towels.
We are sick to death of hypocrisy and lies and cover-ups from New Labour, who treat the public with disdain.
The main character, John-Ray Horn, is a former B-movie actor who sets out to find the murderer of a previous leading lady and his investigations lead him to cover-ups, violence and, ultimately, more killing.
on Monday completed the filing of recall reports on defective vehicles and defect cover-ups found since March last year, with the number of vehicles subject to recall totaling 2.
The series, which alleged bribery, cover-ups, and other malfeasance, was never challenged on the facts.
It follows his life during long years of training to become a churchman, the loneliness of seminary life, homesickness, and his aghast reaction to church scandals and cover-ups.
The discussion will include cover-ups relating to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
If, however, you are shying away from revealing so much flesh remember that many bikinis come with matching sarongs and cover-ups.
So begins a television comedy of cover-ups and crime starring, of all things, a Chevrolet.
95) exposes a trail of pressure from the biotech industry and governmental cover-ups that have put certain GM foods on the market today.